If you can imagine then “YOUTH” isn’t a five-letter word!

Why am I saying that?

Let’s see,
Select any random word which is given below and close your eyes or you can pic all one by one, it’s up to you.
These words are Love, Travel, Music, Actor/Actress, Adventure, Sports, Sex, etc.

What happened?
You might have gone through your past by just imagining and if you did then it’s for sure that you have smiled because you have feelings attached to it and you have experienced those feelings to such an extent that only you understand values of those moments and in this way, those words aren’t just words for you.

So, point one is ‘Youth‘ wouldn’t be just a word for you if you have done something extraordinary or might do in the future either by yourself or in collaboration with others. Again it’s my personal opinion not to be considered as a concrete idea.

Everyone will have a different perspective towards the word ‘Youth‘, however, I have a notion that ‘ Youth’ isn’t related to age instead its the state of mind which defines Youth and it depends on individuals and the way they live their lives.

The second point is, (please try to understand the context before prejudging and comparing with my other articles) today we don’t talk about a single person and also nothing significant happens by the contribution of one or two or a few people but at the same time a major disruption occurs in the digital world when this “Youth” starts watching, sharing, commenting, liking/disliking a particular tweet or video or any content on the digital platform, even we have seen reforms taking place when the ‘Josh‘ of this ‘Youth‘ resides at the top.

Concluding this article here by reminding you guys that you possess a tremendous amount of energy and power which should be utilized for the betterment of everything that makes us and others happy.

I could extend this article more but due to time constraints in everyone’s life, I’ll put a full stop now.

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