YOUTH: The symbol of Peace, Prosperity, and Growth


Youth, the symbol of Peace, Prosperity, and Growth

Malala Yousafzai, everyone is familiar with this name, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, born on 12 July 1997. A young leader who’s known for human rights advocacy is the perfect example for us.
We as a Youth have some responsibility towards our society, country, and the people of the world.

If we’ll look towards the problem as a problem, we’ll attract more problems“, and then it’ll depend on us what actions we’ll take for that problem.

Are we going to take responsibility and solve the problem? or
We’ll wait for someone else to come and solve that problem?

Most of us will choose to blame others for the cause without realizing that, the time spent in blaming could be utilized for the well-being of others and solving that problem, the level of contribution doesn’t matter as far as you are doing your job without expecting anything in return, as we know-“the expectation is the cause of all misery.

Once we’ve taken a decision the rest follows by itself and to our surprise, the result will be awesome and this small decision will impact the lives of others, a significant change in someone’s life might bring happiness to their family and a happy family will live in harmony and once this chain is initiated then, no doubt, Prosperity will follow this lead.

And you can’t deny the fact that with peace and prosperity, growth will be the by-product.

Integrating this mechanism for the nation i.e. within a boundary or extending the upper limit to the infinity for the people around the globe will overall improve the way people live, as it follows the path of peace, prosperity, and growth altogether.

Hence, we can see the effects of small decisions that might not bother in the first place, however, could result in something bigger than unexpected.

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