YOUTH: The PowerHouse of the Nation


What drives the Nation? 

Energy, Economics, Politics, or the Youth of that Nation?

Yes, you got it right, it’s the Youth!

You wouldn’t have heard about a nation without the Youth and you’ll never come across to such an idealistic theory where the country is driven by resources other than Youth, excluding future cities that might be governed by the technology of that era.

Now, Why am I giving so much emphasis on Youth?

Swami Vivekananda once said, “Give me 100 Youth, I shall change the World.”

This is the power of Youth if they are driven in the right direction and focused on one particular goal without any distraction and worldly desires.

Moreover, the contribution of a Youth in the development of any nation can’t be denied and therefore it’s our duty and the responsibility of every citizen to specifically give attention and respect to the Youth.

Today’s Youth is tomorrow’s future.

And once the care has been taken in early childhood, as we protect the fruit tree in the early stage and ripe the fruit later, then not only a particular country will prosper but also this digital world will enjoy and utilize the discoveries made by the same seed which was once in the development phase.

Either it is Defense, Space, Research, Business or you name it, you will witness the power of this energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic youth contributing towards its nation with zest.

And therefore, I’ve selected the topic, “Youth: The PowerHouse of the Nation.”

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