The Youth Against the Ongoing Pandemic



The Corona pandemic has forced us to do a lot of new things and learn a lot of new stuff especially the Youth. For many of the Youth, the pandemic has led to us becoming more productive, now this can be due to 2 reasons, the first is basically people finding an inner urge to make this period where they stay at home very productive or the rest of the people who look at the aforementioned people and experience peer pressure and anxiety for not being productive enough and thus engaging themselves in different activities. Now when we emerge from this whole Pandemic situation it will be essential for us to utilize the skills and experience we have garnered to full potential, and the best way to do that is through networking among the Youth itself, the benefits of this will be far and wide and would be felt in the long run. Your new learned skills will be fully appreciated and utilised by those who require those skill sets for a personal/professional endeavour and vice versa, this creates multitude of opportunities, while also forming a sense of community among the Youth. Now not everything will be so rosy and nice for everyone, there will be a need to have a system of social and professional advocacy for those who can’t raise their own voice against issues they are facing. All in all a combined effort is required from everyone to emerge from this pandemic and create a sustainable environment of productivity and cooperation, and fortunately Youthyan provides such a platform for open dialogue, cooperation and community. Platform which enables workers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, researchers, etc. to work together or rather exemplify each other’s efforts and skills that they will utilize in the post covid era. It’s unfortunate that thousands of people have lost their lives due to the pandemic and millions more have lost their way of survival but it  can be turned into a promising opportunity for those who are ready to learn and utilize skills during this time at home.

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