The Need of Cooperation and Community -Kshitij Barua


It has often been said that our fate/destiny lies in our own hands, but let’s take this a step further, our destiny lies in everyone’s hands, someone else’s actions impact your life and vice versa. The ripple effect of an action taken by you is drastic and alters the course of humanity itself, your choice of meeting a person might change your or the other person’s life, you losing your temper an argument may mold someone’s mindset for a lifetime, etc. These separate events impact each of us separately and individually but also impact all of us as a group, so rather than getting affected by these situations that arise in front us and reacting to it individually, we can come together as a community to face these common problems that affect us all, a Community that supports each other in times of hardships or unfavorable circumstances. Now going forward with this not all communities are meant for us, we should choose those ones which are best for us and what’s best for the current generation than that of a Community for the energetic youth, a Community for the tech savvy Millennials and Gen z who aren’t caught up in the glories of the past but are woke enough to be striving towards a better future, with equal rights, proper guidance and constant support among each other. Youthyan provides such a platform, it provides a Community that is made by the Youth for the Youth in a way that hasn’t been done before. What Youthyan hopes to achieve through it’s community forming initiative is a way through which the Youth helps out each other to grow and prosper, it hopes to do so through it’s various objectives like increasing the ease and effectiveness of advocacy, particularly for those who might otherwise have no voice of their own, encouraging and facilitating collaboration among individuals and organizations at all levels, publicizing the community issues and highlighting the  challenges and successes faced by the Youth Community.

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