The Diverse Youth and its Diversified Needs



As rightly said the Youth of a nation rightly decides the present as well as the future of the country. There is a misguided approach to classifying youth under a single category, the Youth of a country ranges from late teens who are completing their education to young adults who are now essential to the functioning of an economy and a nation. It is quite obvious to infer that such a broad spectrum of people have many diverse issues/situations to deal with and scores of needs to be adhered to, and that is not taking into consideration other factors such as the urban-rural gap, economic divide, etc. Issues pertaining to Youth in rural areas center around lack of exposure to correct opportunities and facilities, and might even touch upon lack of financial backing due to circumstances, while the Youth in urban centres around the country face the problems of increased competition in every sphere of life, be it academics, sports or even social media, which has become a battleground of validation in the form of likes and shares. All this leads to a degradation of mental health and feeling of helplessness and insecurity, a vicious cycle of pressure by our elders to face the increasing odds stacked against us. With all these uncertain elements that can affect the growth of the Youth and subsequently the nation it’s the need of the hour to have a platform that at least enables the Youth of our nation to discuss and seek advice on challenges they face in regards to academics, legal advice, corporate help, monetary issues, etc. This is what Youthyan hopes to achieve through it’s community forming initiative, a way through which the Youth helps out each other to grow and prosper, it hopes to do so through its various objectives like increasing the ease and effectiveness of advocacy, particularly for those who might otherwise have no voice of their own, encouraging and facilitating collaboration among individuals and organizations at all levels, publicizing the community issues and highlighting theĀ  challenges and successes faced by the Youth Community. All in all the Youth is the future and it’s better for us to work together as a community to fulfill our needs rather than rely on the past and present until we take our responsibilities in the future.


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